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Savannah Disputation

by Evan Smith
Directed by Sheila Kelleher
Featuring: Carol Varden, Merrie Mizaras,
Allison Porter, Michael Bradley

July 31 - August 1, 2, 7, 8, 14, 15
8 PM

Disputation (noun)
1. the act of disputing or debating; verbal controversy; discussion or debate. . .
2. an academic exercise consisting of the arguing of a thesis between its maintainer and its opponents. . .
3. Obsolete. conversation.

"Why are y'all talking about copies of the bible? This and that copy--why don't you just look at the original Bible?" ? Margaret.

"The original bible? The manuscript of Matthew written by Matthew? The original of Genesis in Moses's handwriting? Along with a souvenir program signed by Jesus, Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb? Those things don't exist. They''re all long gone, lost in the mists of time. All we have are copies of copies of copies".? Father Murphy

The Savannah Disputation proves two things:
First, that we still have actors of a certain age, that are still some of the most fun performers to watch. And second that the playwright, Evan Smith, is willing to take risks,  in the case of The Savannah Disputation that risk involves putting on a play that has the lovely feel of a sitcom like the Golden Girls, but digs beneath its surface for a more serious purpose.